VLS is one of the leading online elearning platforms for the study of computer science. Whilst giving students an understanding of the foundations of the subject, we are proud of the symbiosis between our teaching, expertise and our partners.

Computing is an interdisciplinary subject, with historical roots in mathematics, physics, electronics, psychology and neuroscience; the interplay between these areas is still very much in evidence today.

For some, the attraction is:

  • creativity: designing and making things, from programs to electronic products;
  • intellectual challenges: solving problems and finding ways to understand complex phenomena both natural and artificial;
  • computing’s direct relevance to the real world and its importance in many other areas of society.

Computing provides a route to many different career paths, and our students have a wide choice in the kind of work they do. Our courses provide a balance between leading-edge topics such as:

  • high performance computing
  • cryptography;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • software development;
  • system design and animation

Our students profiles give a taster of what our students say and the jobs they have gone on to do.